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If you’re visiting insidecollegehockey.com for the first time, you’re probably wondering:

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What’s this site all about?

Well, read on. Take a look around. And bookmark the home page, because you’ll want to come back often as we join you in enjoying all that makes college hockey so special.

Here’s what you can expect from us:

• in-depth looks at the issues, personalities, events, and surroundings that define the world of Division I men’s college hockey;

• entertaining writing from the best journalists in the game that captures the spirit of college hockey;

• opinions and analysis from experts like legendary coach Jeff Sauer – whose column, The Dean’s List, will appear every two weeks; and

• an encyclopedia of college hockey resources, featuring each week’s schedule, historical information, links to online radio broadcasts, a national TV schedule and more.

The Best of INCH

Visiting for the first time? Here's a sample of some of our best work, so you can get a sense of what Inside College Hockey is all about:

It's a Great Night for Hockey
Jeff Sauer on his favorite things
So Long, Sertie
A Brush with Fame at Mariucci
Meet George Roll
Coaches' Take on the Title Game
Where Have All the Stars Gone?
States of the Game
And, of course, two of our signature features: Found on a Cocktail Napkin and the INCH Power Rankings

We will bring this to you through features, notebooks, interviews and more. Check back often for updated reports from around the country, as well as your feedback.

Our editors, Mike Eidelbes and Nate Ewell, have extensive experience covering college hockey as writers and sports information directors. You’ll recognize a lot of the names on our writing staff, journalists like Jess Myers, Joe Gladziszewski and Ken Schott – national writers at the top of their game. And you’ll definitely recognize Jeff Sauer’s name, as the 31-year coaching veteran weighs in on the biggest issues facing the sport. Our web designer, Mike Weaver, has decent credentials as well. Weave was a two-time All-American at Michigan State and currently plays in the Atlanta Thrashers’ system, appearing in 18 NHL games last year.

We love this game, just like you do. Like you, we go to games with friends and talk about what we see – the players, the issues and the atmosphere. Those conversations carry over wherever we end up after the game – and now they’ll extend to these pages.


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