February 2, 2004
Ten things you'll see if there's an NHL work stoppage

• You brag about how many players your school sent to the Deutsche Eishockey Liga.

• Millions of NHL fans thrilled that Dallas Stars' hideous third jerseys will remain in mothballs indefinitely.

Chris Drury returns to baseball, becomes the first person to win the Hobey, the Calder, and the AL Rookie of the Year award.

• "Bad dorm food" replaces "signing bonus" as the biggest reason for college players to leave school early.

• Instead of watching Caps-Predators and wishing you were at a college game, you're stuck daydreaming during American Idol.

• ESPN NHL Hockey 2005 video game consists of Bob Goodenow and Gary Bettman sitting at a table.

• Quality of play at college hockey alumni games increases exponentially.

• NHL arena operators attempt to make up lost revenue by hosting craft shows, grade school plays and high school proms.

• Television viewers across North America tune in for Saturday staple "Hockey Night in Binghamton."

• New York Rangers enjoy best season in years.

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