March 31, 2004
NCAA Frozen Four

INCH Measures Up BC's Peter Harrold

By Nate Ewell

If you were no more than a casual fan of Hockey East and the Boston College Eagles this season, you might not have even been familiar with the name Peter Harrold – until last weekend. Once just an anonymous member of the Eagles' terrific defense corps, Harrold had a breakout weekend at the Northeast Regional.

His goal on Saturday landed him on the front of the Boston Globe sports page. Sunday, he assisted on two of Boston College's three goals against Michigan, including a great move to set up the overtime winner. That sent the Eagles back to Boston for their 18th Frozen Four appearance.

In the moments after that memorable game, Inside College Hockey caught up with Harrold to talk about the win.

Sophomore Peter Harrold has 2-12—14 in 39 games for the Eagles, including 1-2—3 last weekend.

Inside College Hockey: You're a Kirtland Hills, Ohio, native. Did you grow up disliking Michigan as an Ohio State fan?

Peter Harrold: I wasn't really a huge Ohio State fan. My brother [Josh, current in the ECHL] went to Miami, so I was a Miami fan. I went to watch my brother play at Yost one time and they lost. It was 9-0 after two periods and I heard that song, "Hail to the Victors" nine times. My parents hated it, and I kind of grew to hate it as well. Whenever you play Michigan, there's a certain amount of hatred there, no matter who you are.

INCH: How did you end up at BC?

PH: It's a great hockey program, and the education is unbelievable. And I really liked the coaching staff. Really, it's just the best mix for me.

INCH: What do you like about the city of Boston?

PH: I just like that we can have a college campus right next to a really big city. It's a great city. There are a lot of young college kids there; it's alive. It's a great place to be.

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INCH: Any tips for out-of-towners coming to visit for the Frozen Four?

PH: Go have some Italian food in the North End. It's unbelievable.

INCH: Did you see the Globe this morning?

PH: No, I didn't.

INCH: There's a picture of your goal from yesterday, and it calls it "Orr-like." Any thoughts on that?

PH: I don't know about that. I think that's a vast, vast overstatement. That's a ridiculous comparison.

INCH: You guys watched a Bobby Orr video, though, on the drive up here, right? Did you take anything from that?

PH: You kind of just sit back and watch in awe, really. You can try to do what he does, but it's impossible.

INCH: You face the forwards on this team every day. Who's the toughest guy to face one-on-one?

PH: Ryan Shannon is one of the toughest guys, and Pat Eaves. They're shifty, they're strong, they're fast. They're the reason our defense has gotten so good this year, because we play against them every day. Ask any of the defensemen they will tell you the same thing.

INCH: You guys play Maine in the semifinals. Thoughts on facing them again?

PH: We owe them for the weekend up in Orono.

INCH: But nothing was really at stake that weekend. It still weighs on your mind?

PH: It does. We need to beat them, and that just adds fuel to the fire.

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