June 18, 2008
2008 NHL Draft: Prospect Previews — Part Two

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Prospect Preview - Part I

Inside College Hockey's coverage of the 2008 National Hockey League Entry Draft in Ottawa continues with a look at some of the best current collegians and incoming freshmen eligible for this weekend's draft. Rather than focus on this year's big names such as Colin Wilson of Boston University, we opted to highlight players whose draft fortunes aren't as clearly defined. We started with defensemen and a goalie. Part Two features six forwards.

You know where the various independent scouting services have ranked these prospects. In addition to the Central Scouting Service comments on each prospect, we offer "Scout's Take," Inside College Hockey's exclusive evaluation of the player from one or more NHL scouts. Scouts were granted anonymity in exchange for their candor.

Players are listed in alphabetical order by last name.

6-5 | 190 lbs.
Camrose Kodiaks (AJHL)
Recruit (2008)
Calgary, Alberta

2007-08 Statistics: 55 GP, 33-57—90

Central Scouting Service Rank: 28th among North American skaters

CSS Says: "He is very rangy with his stick; he dishes the puck well and has really good on-ice awareness. If he can get his skating a little more energetic, he'll be a big strong player down the middle. When he is at his best he is a strategic player. I wouldn't call him a power forward. He is very smart and his positioning is very good; he knows where to be and where to go at the right time."

Scout's Take: “He's grown a lot lately. He's had a big growth spurt over the last two years ago. He was the Canadian Junior A player of the year, so that's saying something.

"Joe's a big guy who skates well, has a good reach, and a good wrist shot. He needs to get stronger. He'll benefit by spending some time in Denver — all the guys who go there are better when they leave."


6-0 | 170 lbs.
Penticton (BCHL)
Ohio State Recruit
Paris, Ontario

2007-08 Statistics: 46 GP, 27-36—63

Central Scouting Service Rank: 16th among North American skaters

CSS Says: "Zac has a really quick release on his shot, he is a very busy player and he plays with a lot of energy out there. He is a player that is constantly in motion. He is offensive minded, but plays well defensively too and has made huge improvements from last year — he developed out of nowhere and had a really good year in the BCHL."

Scout's Take: He had a very good year. They used him on the point on the power play. He's got good hands and a good shot, he skates pretty well, and he's smart. He probably needs to get stronger.

"We had identified him earlier. It seems like the better kids are going out to the BCHL ... like U.S. kids playing in the USHL, the better kids from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and some from Ontario are going out there. It was good for [Dalpe] ... he got to play in the [World Junior A Challenge.]"


6-4 | 210 lbs.
Lincoln (USHL)
Boston College R
ecruit (2008)
Dorchester, Mass.

2007-08 Statistics: 21 GP, 4-11—15

Central Scouting Service Rank: 63rd among North American skaters

CSS Says: "Last year he played with James vanRiemsdyk and Colin Wilson (on the U.S. Under-18 team) and they were just a perfect chemistry line — all season he was good going up and down the wing and going to the net. He works hard, he's been consistent, physical, and he doesn't take any shifts off. He is at his best as a big power winger. On the wing he's a got a really good shot and a really long reach."

Scout’s Take: When I saw him as an underager, I saw a game that blew me away. He did whatever he wanted. Another scout and I looked at each other and said, 'Holy smokes, who is this guy?'

"He's struggled since, but it doesn't mean that he doesn't have that game. He could resurface again ... he's got good size and he's a good
kid. He's just got to figure it out. I like what I see [at Boston College.] Jerry York is unique in that he lets young people be who they are, and he doesn't overcoach. [Hayes] will do well there."


5-11 | 163 lbs.
St. Catherines (GHJHL)
Michigan State
Recruit (2008)
St. Catharines, Ontario

2007-08 Statistics: 45 GP, 29-27—56

Central Scouting Service Rank: 47th among North American skaters

CSS Says: "Daultan is a small, skilled player who might be a candidate at any hockey school as the example 'how to skate' player; he is a great, fast form skater. He almost single handedly took St. Catharines further than a lot of teams would have expected.

Because he was depended on by his team to be such an offensive contributor, it stands to reason that his defensive side of the game needs to improve. Yet, he effectively killed penalties and his skating and skills would lead me to believe that as he makes the next step, he'll continue to improve with good coaching and experience."

Scout’s Take: "He's a tremendous skater. He definitely needs to get stronger — there's not much meat on his bones. That'll happen in college, and he'll get better defensively at Michigan State, too.

"Playing in the [Golden Horseshoe Junior B] league doesn't hurt him. There were a lot of scouts coming out to see him later in the year."


5-10 | 175 lbs.
Shattuck-St. Mary's School
North Dakota
Recruit (2008)

Winnipeg, Manitoba

2007-08 Statistics: 51 GP, 44-56—100

Central Scouting Service Rank: 79th among North American skaters

CSS Says: "Has a good shot with a quick release — moves the puck and sees the ice very well. A good skater, uses his speed to create scoring chances for himself and his linemates — has excellent hands."

Scout’s Take: "I don't think Central Scouting even invited him to the combine, but just because he didn't get to go doesn't mean anything. The name will spark an interest, because everyone likes the gene pool.

"[David is] more of a shooter, and [Jonathan] is more of a playmaker. [David has] improved quite a bit over the last couple of years. He can score goals, and he definitely has a nose for the net.


6-1 | 170 lbs.
Stouffville (OPJHL)
Boston University
Etobicoke, Ontario

2007-08 Statistics: 39 GP, 19-50—69

Central Scouting Service Rank: 49th among North American skaters

CSS Says: "He has the ability to see the ice well and to move the puck. He needs to get stronger — he's willing to battle, but isn't always winning the puck. He's got a good goal-scoring touch and he's good on face-offs with good skating ability, not necessarily high-end skating, but good."

Scout’s Take: "Here's another guy who is a good skater with good hands. He needs to work on his physical play and backchecking. But when he played for Canada in the World Under-18 tournament, he ended up playing more of a two-way game, which was good for him — and he still contributed on offense.

"He's been compared to Adam Oates, but Adam Oates was a pretty special player. He has the ability to be that kind of player, though, and he's a better skater than Oates was."