August 11, 2005

Jr. | G | Holyrood, Newfoundland

Healey and Michigan State's Peder Skinner were the only Newfoundland natives in college hockey last year.
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Key Statistics: Struggled as a sophomore, finishing 12th in Hockey East in both goals-against average (3.73) and save percentage (.889). Both numbers were off significantly from his freshman year (2.84, .907).

What He Does: Last year he was the waiter taking the brunt of the abuse for a bad meal. Not to say Healey was blameless for the Warriors’ 1-22-1 Hockey East record, but he’s a better goalie than the results indicate. His freshman numbers were good enough to earn him Merrimack’s starting job down the stretch that season, securing Hockey East All-Rookie Team honors along the way.

The Bigger Picture: While new head coach Mark Dennehy expects competition in goal, he hopes for big things from Healey because of his track record. A good goaltender can balance the ice for a team that may be overmatched most nights, and it begins with his approach. Dennehy has already talked to Healey about taking one shot at a time instead of what he might have seen last year: “You’re looking at a two-goal barrier as something that’s insurmountable,” Dennehy said, “so you start the game and try to make 50 saves at a time.”

Head coach Mark Dennehy on Healey: “If we can get him back to the point where he was his freshman year, that will make a big difference. The fact that he’s done it says a lot.”

— Nate Ewell

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